By subscribing a Service Level Agreement with MICS, you will get :

For Enterprise product:
HP :  XP1024, XP10000, XP12000, XP20000, XP24000, P9500
SUN : SE9990, SE9985, SE9985V, SE9990, SE9990V

Our software tool (no hardware) was designed to ensure 24/7 protection for critical Hitachi Enterprise storage arrays.
The MICS tool allows 24/7 Hitachi remote monitoring and only requires an internet connection.
We use a connection to the internet (Email, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP or HTTPS protocol), password access and encrypted data to ensure a secured communication.
The system is proactive and will notify the MICS technical team every time there is a hardware failure with the Hitachi disk array by sending a package message to the MICS analyzer servers.
If the end user allows it, MICS support technicians will first access the unit remotely to troubleshoot and fix the problem if possible. 
In this case  a  secure communication with Call back and password protection will be established.
If the problem requires , MICS will send an engineer on site with spare parts to replace.

The tool also includes a heartbeat feature, which checks the connection between the data storage systems and the MICS servers on a daily basis.

We access technical functions only, not the customer data !

Hitachi announces end of life on its product lines on a regular basis (see schedule matrix below). To ensure proper functioning and maintenance of your data storage equipment, contact MICS to inquire about our maintenance.
(Dates expressed as mm/dd/year )


MICS is your global source for used & refurbished Hitachi Storage products.
We offer a full line of Hitachi arrays with HDS logo or HP logo, expansions, disks, and features.


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And also


MICS will minimize your maintenance costs by up to 50% less than manufacturer prices, with better technical coverage.

Advance Parts Exchange

We keep an extensive parts inventory, to ensure those parts are ready & available at moment’s notice.

On-Site Spares

Full standby units readily available in the event of disaster, and on-site spare parts available.

European coverage

We offer an European coverage with our Fly & Fix team with a single point of contact for all countries.


Our flexible maintenance solutions can be tailored to your needs and conform to your budget.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With our highly qualified engineers, and our expertise on Hitachi products, your satisfaction is guaranteed !

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